Gundog Training for Duck and Goose Hunting

Gun dog training for waterfowler waterfowling

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Eric Begbie has been an ardent waterfowler for over 40 years and has trained retrievers for most of that period. His Gundog Training Broadsheets (also published by Lulu as "Gundog Training Made Easy") received worldwide acclaim. This new book updates the lessons from the Broadsheets, specially adapted for the duck and goose hunter, and combines them with a wealth of additional material, some highly evocative wildfowling tales and an excellent selection of photographs. A fabulous book for everyone who wants to train a retriever or other breed for use when duck and goose hunting.


Introduction (from the book)

It is now over 25 years since the original version of Eric Begbie’s Gundog Training Broadsheets was first published in Great Britain. From the very beginning, the Broadsheets revolutionised the training of retrievers and other gundogs – not by making the process even more complicated than most of the books available at that time portrayed, but by simplifying the task into a series of logically structured and sequenced lessons.

These Broadsheets received considerable acclaim and have been used by thousands of amateur dog trainers in all five continents of the world. Crucially, they do not rely upon aversive training methods such as the use of electronic collars or forced pressure techniques involving pain or discomfort. The focus is on positive, reward-based training consistent with modern psychological principles. It is sometimes called the “British Method” but, of course, it works anywhere in the world wherever there are dog owners who want to train their hunting companions to the highest standards in a humane, pain-free manner.

The lessons contained within the Gundog Training Broadsheets were regularly updated to reflect modern practices and the advent of the Internet allowed a great deal of discussion of the methods to be enjoyed by hunters and dog trainers throughout the world. Inevitably many questions were raised and answered. Ultimately the most frequent of those questions were brought together and now form an additional part of this book.

Follow this training course carefully and logically and you will be well on the road to having a well-trained gundog to join you on your hunting expeditions.

As my greatest passion is wildfowling – duck and goose hunting – I have always wanted to produce a gundog training text specifically for the waterfowler. To do this, I have altered the slant of “Gundog Training Made Easy” towards the fowler’s dog and I have also included a couple of extracts from some of my fowling books to illustrate just how useful a well trained gundog can be to the wildfowler

labrador puppy

Eric Begbie with a young labrador puppy

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Gundog Training for the Duck and Goose Hunter


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