No need for a sub-woofer 
Calming Music for Dogs


-      No need for a sub-woofer 

Working from home has allowed 35 year-old Cambridge garden designer Nicky Anderson to spend lots of time with her beloved family of dogs Rory, Ben and Jonah.

But the arrangement was jeopardised by Nicky’s youngest dog Jonah, a spirited young Jack Russell who was driving everyone crazy with his attention seeking behaviour, as Nicky explains: ‘If I was trying to work quietly, Jonah would constantly jump into my lap, and if he wasn’t driving me mad, he would be yapping and jumping all over the other dogs to try and get their attention. I tried shutting him outside but he can’t bear being excluded and would stand at the back door yelping to be allowed back in’. The constant disruption was affecting Nicky’s work, and making it impossible to work effectively around her dogs.

It was at this point that a very stressed Nicky attended a seminar held by international composer John Levine, whose Alphamusic, or brain music works on shifting brain wave patterns to the alpha levels associated with deep relaxation. She bought a copy of Silence of Peace, hoping it would help her to create a calmer and more creative working environment. The results were not quite what Nicky expected, as she recalls. ‘I forgot about the CD for a while, but one day I was working on a difficult design project and the dogs were causing mayhem and wouldn’t give me a moment’s peace. In desperation I turned on Silence of Peace to try and tune out the chaos. Then after about 20 minutes I noticed the place was much calmer, Jonah had curled up at my feet and was completely relaxed.’

Nicky now uses a range of Alphamusic titles to create a calm working environment; she also believes that Alphamusic has helped her to work more productively.

‘Depending on my mood, I have a range of Alphamusic CDs that I use’, she says. But the results on the animals are always the same. Jonah quickly becomes calm and will often fall asleep, staying put until I take a break.’

Silence of Peace and other therapeutic titles are available to buy online, with more information on John Levine’s Alphamusic at or telephone 0845 1302854


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